pokemon! oh boy!

pokemon has been my special interest for many moons now. i was super into the DPPT anime as a kid, but i stopped watching when BW came out because it didnt have dawn. i did, however, get a DS and a copy of both pokemon black and white because my parents didnt understand how the games worked. i played white and promptly lost the cartridge before i could finish it because i was 7 and an idiot. i remember not liking them very much because i was, once again, an idiot, and buttonmashed through all the text thinking it was dumb.

the first games i actually finished were XY, which i obtained on the release day. it took me forever to finish them because i was trying to sweep the e4 with a butterfree which went about as well as you would expect. i kind of fell out of love with pokemon for a while. i still liked it, but i didnt get super into it again until sun came out, which i really liked, but i lost before i could finish. i found my copy in mid 2017 while USUM hype season was going on and became OBSESSED. i finished the rest of the game in a day and cried at the ending. i watched every trailer. i distinctly remember watching the rainbow rocket trailer in the car and absolutely losing my SHIT over cyrus.

i started drawing the trainers constantly because i was only good at drawing humans, but it quickly turned into an obsession with the trainers themselves. ive been completely fixated on pokemon trainers since 2017 with absolutely zero reprieve, and i wouldnt have it any other way.