my favorite characters!

im a bit of a weirdo in that ive always been more obsessed with the human characters in pokemon than the pokemon themselves. so, behold, a list of my favorites, in something that vaguely resembles an order but not really. some of these characters already have shrines, so ill keep it brief for them.

will!!! oh my god i love will. hes just so silly how can you not love him. he may have nothing that vaguely resembles a personality in the actual main series games but you know what thats okay. hes funny in masters. i love that one event where he gets mistaken for team break and just says "yeah ok ill put on a performance to prove im not part of team break instead of just disproving it" it doesnt make any sense. what is this guys ISSUE. i dont know but its funny. visit the will shrine for more information.

next up is blue. no im not calling him green. one of the very few characters i like due to actual character development and not just because i think theyre A. funny B. hot. though he is hot in sun and moon. very hot. ANYWAY! i just really like how he goes from this asshole kid (though his assholery is justified when you think a little bit about how much of a dickhead oak is) to this angsty weirdo to a mentor figure in masters and sun and moon. hes just a nice dude now. i love that for him. i hope he and red had a nice honeymoon.

speaking of red, you cant have blue without him. theyre a combo. a two for one deal. red is funny in that hes constantly mischaracterized to hell and back by the entire fandom. nobody understands him like i do. hes not some jojo character level buff badass or a completely hollow husk he is just SOME GUY. hes a little playful and mischevious in masters and I LOVE THAT. i love his dynamic with blue where blue understands everything hes saying even though he stays dead silent 99.9% of the time!! i love it!! i love him!! also hes hot in sun and moon- (FORCEFULLY DRAGGED AWAY)

GLADIOOOON!! gladion is great. i love his dynamic with hau. i love gladion on his own too! i love how hes not a generic asshole rival who hates his pokemon, hes an asshole rival who LOVES his pokemon to the point where hed leave everything behind for them. and hes not even that much of an asshole compared to say silver or bede. hes just genuinely a really good person who puts up a facade of badassery to protect himself after all his trauma. but is it really even a facade this kid got mauled by a type:null and lived to tell the tale! HE IS OBJECTIVELY BADASS!

MORTY!!! i love the juxtaposition between him being a pretty much totally normal guy and being able to literally see the dead. youd think that would give you a lot of issues or something but nope. just some guy. not even remotely creepy in any way. the funniest part to me is that he intentionally TRAINED to be able to see the dead? why would you do that?? i mean i guess it could prove useful in specific circumstances but??? WHY???? we may never know. what an enigma this dude is.

Aaron! another case of me liking a character purely because they are a complete enigma. Why the fuck does he fall from the cieling? is he like an acrobat...? a ninja? the true beni descendant? nobody fucking knows!! hes just some loser with 5 lines of dialogue! you cant even google the fucker because you just get aron THE pokemon not aaron pokemon! i dont... i dont even know why i like him. honestly. hes just so lame. hes kinda cute but not like incredibly attractive or anything. ive never been so confused as to why i like a character before.

fint. not flint. fint. love this guy. i love his dynamic and relationship with volkner. im like the one dude on earth who sees it as purely platonic. like it works as a romantic one but? its so much funnier when theyre just friends to me. volkner aside him on his own is also great. i love the way he just bends over and laughs at the player in his sprite. i should feel offended but i dont. i love the way he looks like ronald mcdonald. i love the way he just. DEFLATES. after battle. literal flint losing dialogue: ".....................Keep going..." dude does not have the energy to tell you anything else its so funny

i joked about aaron being the true beni descendant so now i have to bring up beni. HES SO COOL. i was actually going through leaked text strings before legends arceus released and nobody believed me when i said that there was going to be a hitman ninja in this game. but they were wrong. AND HES WALLY'S ANCESTOR. HOW COOL IS THAT. SO FUCKING COOL! THATS WHAT! THIS DUDE LITERALLY THREATENS TO KILL THE PLAYER WHAT IS HIS ISSUE. I LOVE CHARACTERS WITH ISSUES!

ZINNIA!! THE GOAT!! I LOVE ZINNIA!! I LOVE HER TRAGIC BACKSTORY! I LOVE HER THEME! SHES HOT! SHES SAD! SHES DERANGED! SHE BEATS PEOPLE UP! WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE? ive heard people say the delta episode sucks and that her inclusion was shoehorned in but like... i dont care. pretty woman with good theme and sad backstory has captivated me. truly the most lesbian of all time if you ask me. i name all my whismur aster. its what zinnia would have wanted.

i didnt fully process how much i liked colress until recently when i realized hes been shoehorned into like half my projects and aus. hes such an interesting character. like. freezes a city. flees the country. gives random 11 year old fusion device because he didnt learn the first time. he simultaneously has zero moral compass and something that resembles one because he hates ghetsis, but i guess hating ghetsis is pretty much the bare minimum of being a moral character in the pokemon universe. whatever his deal is. its great. hes super fun to write

grimsley. oh my god grimsley. im impressed. he has a gambling addiction in a region without a game corner. how does that work. im unsure. it must have taken some serious dedication. and then he lost it all and showed up in hawaii in a kimono and took up surfing as a hobby. hes greying at like 28. good for him. good for him! he has every single mental disorder. all of them. he needs so much fucking psychiatric help its genuinely insane. also its been 2+ years but i still want to strangle him for being slightly mean to will in that one pokemas chapter

cyrus. oh cyrus. poor guy. i know he tried to like destroy the world and recreate it in his image and all but i cant help but feel kinda bad for him. not to traumadump but i do relate to him in some fucked up way. the idea of feeling so many negative emotions you want to feel nothing at all is way too deep to be in a kids game but here we are. "but cyrus doesnt feel emotions!!!" he has a crobat and snaps at you in the distortion world this dude absolutely has emotions. maybe even too many emotions and thats why he wants to get rid of them. idk thats just me theorizing though

karen. my explanation for why i like karen is that i like hot women. thats it. go home. i do also like her little speech about how trainers should use the pokemon they care about even if its been overused to hell and back. it contrasts with agathas morals which has to be intentional. fuck agatha i guess! so i guess i do like her for more reasons than that shes just hot. but thats mostly it i think. also i like shipping her with will and grimsley! the polycule ever

dawn!! ive always really really liked dawn. i saw a lot of myself in her anipoke incarnation as a kid so ive basically been a dawn kinnie since the age of 4 or 5. i also really love her designs! so cute. i used to go by dawn because of her, but that name doesnt really have the gender i want anymore... i do kind of miss it though. im gonna get her platinum outfit figure when it releases if its the last thing i do! i also have her first figure and her scale world platinum figure.

lyra is so. so friend shaped. so squishable. i really want her figure but its being sold for like 400 dollars so im never getting my hands on that. shes just such a sweetheart and her voice in masters is so adorable! i love her comically oversized hat and bow. i love her overalls. actual fashion icon. i have tons of headcanons for her that ill eventually put into a lyra shrine... but i imagine shes really close with blue and is the one who dragged red off mount silver, not ethan.

drake is just fucking badass. thats all ive really got to say about him. his design has not changed at all since RSE and that is because he is completely without flaw. HES SO FUCKING COOL LOOKING. DRAGON TYPE USER OLD MAN SAILOR. PEAK DESIGN.

volo. i hate him. such an awesome twist villain though!!! im not a fan of how obvious his betrayal becomes towards the end but before that its great. i love how he literally teaches you the backstrike pokeball throw THAT IS PEAK FORSHADOWING. PEAK STORYTELLING. i also love how he literally is allies with fucking SATAN hes great