i dont really remember when i got into vocaloid, honestly... i remember listening to it as a kid but not really being interested in the tech and characters behind it. that changed somewhat recently when i got more interested in it. i wanted to try and tune myself, which went... acceptably well? you can hear it here:

this is the only one i ever liked enough to upload. lol

my favorite vocaloids and synths

MEIKA MIKOTO MY BELOVED. their design is so cute and their range is absolutely fucking insane. mikoto works in literally any song they have the most range out of any vocaloid in my humble opinion.

my favorite songs

my absolute all time favorite is 100% Ángel. the funky sound and the guitar and mikotos voice are all 10/10. hell even my dad likes this song.

this song. this goddamn song. the rhyming is absolutely fucking INSANE!! like just listen to it.

right through the arc of breaking *dawn* through the haze and through the *maw* of the *grinder* i wont *find her* but ill guide you through them *all*

no more circles left to *find* in the windmills of this *mind* rest your *members* now *remember* dear youve always been too *kind*

oh its nothing new the visionless leading the *blind* its easy to say why dont you leave it all *behind* and this moral compass is forever *misaligned*


hey check out how hard i can cry. [WATER BLASTS OUT OF MY EYES AT IMMENSE SPEEDS]

DAHILAN! probably some of my favorite flower tuning ever. its actually in her range and not completely out of it imagine that. anyway SUBSCRIBE TO PONKANSOUP THEY NEED MORE FANS!!!

short but sweet. just a silly little song that fucking GOES

this remix i fucking love it. rins voice. the chiptune. 10/10

it doesnt embed but doctor=funk beat goes crazy. ive never been a big fan of kaitos voice because i am a plebian with no taste but like. he sounds so good here

"b-but!! ghost is too popular!! ghost is cringe!!" youre cringe. the infinite damage ghost has unintentionally done to the western vocaloid community by merely existing has no impact on the fact that their music fucking goes. i dont even like the instrumental of this song very much but its deeply personal to me. its satisfying to see the manipulator's lies crash back down on them even if its a fictional vocaloid song.

im gonna be honest i have no fucking idea what this song is about. but by god. its so good. what genre even is this? all of them? at once? irish jig music + edm + several other genres i am not qualified to pinpoint???

this song is so fucking depressing but. i like it. is good.