this young lady's name is onion. she works for the poke-IRS and only went on her journey to beat the shit out of grimsley due to the fact that he hadnt paid his taxes in a decade. her childhood friend, gradien, accompanied her on her journey, confused but nonetheless supportive of her quest.

on her journey, she met a curious man by the name of colress. he was interested in her quest to destroy grimsley and offered his advice. he let her know that he was a dark type trainer, which she already knew, but also that he was gay and homophobic, which was a startling revelation to her. before they parted ways, colress gently placed a glock 17 in her hand, along with several bullets.

because she was only 16, she could legally not buy more ammo, and thus conserved it as best she could, aside from using it to shoot the shadow triad in the knees.

along the way she discovered that the man who was behind the freezing of a city was none other than colress himself. he called her a nerd for her ignorance so she shot him in the knees and hacked his youtube channel.

at long last, she reached the pokemon league, and by extention, grimsley. he tried to escape so she beat him up in a pokemon battle and shot him. he lived dont worry. having accomplished her goal at long last, onion then promptly left without defeating iris.

this entire playthrough: