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hi! welcome to my website. i made this site to put all my utterly deranged thoughts in one place and to archive them for all eternity. hopefully! you can read about all my interests and all my thoughts here. mind you it may be a little bit incomprehensible.

best viewed at 2560 x 1440, but any resolution should work!

some pages may be mismatched and not match the current website layout. i made too many pages to keep them all consistently updated. oops.

for those curious about the website name, it all started because i dislike lucian from dppt. i think hes ugly. and thus, the website name was born.


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1/26/23 - added vocaloid shrine (wip)

1/25/23 - updated shrine layout, added more shrines, added more rows to main, redid shipping page

1/24/23 - moved to luciandisstrack instead of thatanophobia

1/23/23 - a metric shit ton of stuff! basically redid half the site!



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